Mission Statement:

This chapter (Maryland 3) was formed in an effort to support the Red Knights International
Motorcycle Club and to provide a fraternal and social club, which promotes motorcycling,
motorcycle safety, and proper methods of operation while continuing the tradition of
brotherhood that exists within the fire service.
Maryland 3 will work to provide support to various non-profit charities approved by this chapter.

Article I – Name, Colors, Uniforms, Crest and Exclusive Rights to Name and Mark

Section 1 – Name

The chapters name will be:

The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club, Maryland 3

In this and other documents the abbreviation MD3 may be used.

Section 2 – Colors

MD3 will use the red Maltese cross with gold border, in compliance with the International By-

2a- Colors are to be worn on the back of black leather vests.

2b- Colors are to be purchased from the International Quartermaster and are to be paid for by
each individual member.

2c- It is understood, that even though the individual member pays for his/her colors, they are to
membership criteria and is dropped from the membership rolls, said member agrees that
colors are no longer to be worn.

2d- MD3 colors only are to be displayed on the backs of vests.
2d1- Placement of colors, cresting and exclusive rights to name and mark
will be in compliant with International By-Laws.

2e- Pins and patches may be worn on the front of vests and jackets, but only at the discretion
of the entire membership of MD3 and in compliance with the International By-Laws. All
markings, pins, patches, etc. on any article of clothing are to be in good taste and consistent
with the image of the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club Inc.

Section 3 – Uniforms

3a- The official shirt color for MD3 will be white. Because MD3 will be made up of members
from multiple fire companies, MD3 will utilize that individual member’s uniform dress shirt from
his/her department.
3a.1- If that member’s fire company shirt is a color other than white, that member must obtain
a white shirt and is to apply his/her company patches to it for use in MD3.
3a.2- These white uniform shirts are to be worn under a MD3 vest or jacket.

3b- Pants- For everyday events or rides, jeans or comfortable riding attire will be the norm,
however, for formal situations i.e. parades or funeral type special events, dark blue or black
slacks will be the required uniform pants. These could also be the uniform pants from the
individual member’s home fire company.

Section 4- Address

4a- The address for MD3 will be:

The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club, Maryland Chapter 3
P.O. Box 119
Bishopville, Maryland 21813

4a.1- The address may be abbreviated as:

P.O. Box 119
Bishopville, MD. 21813

Section 5 – Motto

5a- The Motto for MD3 will be “Loyal to our duty”

Article II – Membership

Section 1- Age, Status and References

1a- Membership in MD3 requires the minimum age of 18 years.
1b- Prior to acceptance as a member of MD3, the President or designate will contact the
applicants home fire company Chief if applicable and obtain a reference of good standing.
This may be verbal or written.

Section 2- Chapter Officers, Committees and Membership Classifications

2a- MD3 will be compliant to International By-Law
Article III- Dues

3a- MD3 has set the yearly membership dues at $20.00 for existing members and $25.00 for
new members.

3b- Chapter dues to the International for each member must be paid by January 1st of each
year. MD3 yearly dues are to be in by the January meeting each year. Anyone not paying by
the February meeting will be dropped from the roster.

3c- These dues are not retroactive or refundable!

3d- Dues from new members are to be paid at the first meeting following their membership
approval and must be paid prior to any membership related participation or the wearing of
club colors.

Article IV- Meetings

4a- Meetings will be held at least once monthly and at the discretion of the President.
Additional/ Special meetings may be called if the President or chapter officers have business
of a time restrictive matter.

4b- Meetings will be scheduled as part of the meeting agenda and be agreed upon by a
majority of the members present at that meeting.

4c- From time to time, at the chapter officer’s discretion, it may be necessary to have quick
update or organizational event meetings prior to or during an event or ride.
4c.1- Every effort is to be used to that members present are aware of and participate in these
4c.2- No by-law changes or chapter business other than that related to the particular ride or
event is to be discussed and the President and no less than two officers must be present

4d- An annual meeting shall be held on a date and location determined in the month of
December for the purpose of nomination of officers and in January for the election of officers.
By-law changes may be made at any meeting after they have been presented at the previous
months meeting in the form of a motion.

Article V- Voting

Section 1- Eligibility

1a- Any Member with the exception of Honorary with dues paid will be eligible to vote and hold
office, with the exceptions expressed in the International By-Laws.
1a.1- The president’s and chapter officer’s votes count and in the event of a tie, the president
cast the deciding vote.

Section 2- Topics for Vote

2a- Topics for discussion and motions for votes may be brought to the membership by anyone
currently holding a membership in MD3.

Article VI- Chapter Officers

Section 1- President

1a-The President shall be the chief officer of this chapter and shall be subject to the control of
the International, supervise and conduct the business and activities of the chapter.

Section 2- Vice President

2a- The Vice-President shall perform all duties and exercise all powers of the President when
the President is absent or otherwise unable to act.

Section 3- Secretary

3a- The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings, keep an accurate membership listing
and be custodian of the chapter records. He/she shall give all notices required by the articles
and by-laws.
3a.1- The same person can fill the office of Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 4- Treasurer

4a- The treasure shall have charge and custody of all funds of the chapter. He/She will
maintain records of transactions and will render reports at the chapter meetings.
4a.1- The same person can fill the office of Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 5- Ride Captain

5a- The Ride Captain(s) shall be responsible for the activities and safety of the chapter while
traveling as a group or during an event.
5a.1- The ride captain shall hold office as an officer in the chapter.

Article VII- Daily Business

Daily business shall be defined as details necessary for the chapter officers to comply with the
communication needs of the International, the chapter and its members. This shall include the
activities of the chapter such as fundraisers and group rides as well as making small
purchases for the chapter’s needs, but not to exceed $100.00. Expenses above $100.00
require approval at a chapter meeting.

Article VIII- Rules of Conduct

Section 1:        Members shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit upon
themselves, their departments, and the Red Knights.

Section 2:         Members will obey all traffic laws at all times.

Section 3:         Members shall keep their motorcycle in good safe operating condition at all
times, also when riding on the road, all motorcycles will be street legal.

Section 4:        Members should go out of their way to assist the motorcycling public and shall
endeavor at all times to improve the image of motorcyclists.

Section 5:         When on club runs, each member shall be under the direction of the “ROAD
CAPTAIN” and his/her assistant, regarding formation, traffic control and routes of travel, etc.

Section 6:        Each member shall be allowed to wear the club uniform whenever he or she is
riding, or at other times, but shall not do anything to discredit it. No abusive alcoholic
beverages, while riding motorcycle, and wearing any Red Knights clothing, or apparel, that will
identify that person as a member of the Red Knights will be tolerated.

Section 7:        It is requested that all Red Knight insignias shall be removed from any
motorcycle, automobile, helmet, clothing, etc., prior to the sale of same to a non-member.

Section 8:        Upon conflict between Rules and Regulations, the Chapter having a question
may submit it in writing to the President for consideration by the Executive. The ruling of the
Executive shall be binding on all concerned parties.

Section 9:        Any member wishing to grieve, complain, seek an interpretation, etc., from
International, may communicate directly with International. The chain of command shall always
be used. The member may meet with the Chapters Board of Directors; deliver his or her
complaint, to any member of the board. If it cannot be resolved within the Chapter, The
President will convey the same to the State/Province Representative. If the situation is not
resolved at this level, the State/Province Representative will covey to the Regional
Representative, a member of the International Executive Board of Directors.

Article IX- Discrimination

MD3 is in compliance with International By-Laws

Article X- Compliancy

Wherever applicable and noted previous, MD3 complies with International By-Laws on topics
not noted or in situations not covered by the MD3 By-laws, the Constitution and By-laws of the
International will rule.

Article XI- By-Laws Changes

Changes of these by-laws must comply with article 4d.


MEMBERSHIP ON THE 7th, OF February, 2008.



SECRETARY John Tartufo

TREASURER John Tartufo


ROAD CAPTAIN  Dean Simpson,  Bob Thompson,  Joe Pishtey,         Vernon Perdue, Jerry
Rhue, John Tartufo



7th OF February 2008.

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