Meeting Minutes JULY 22, 2021

A regular meeting of md, Red Knights #3 was called to order at 7:00pm. At the home of John & Monica in Bishopville, Md. We had 15 member/officers saluting our flag. Previous minutes read w/no corrections. Motioned by Rick K & Mike Fiazzo to accept. A   agreed.

TREASURY REPORT:  B.O.H. as of July mtging is $15,990.71 It was a quiet month

OLD BUSNESS: Those who went to Dixie will receive there registration fee back today. You know who you are. See John after meeting.

NEW BUSINESS:  Burn camp is week of Aug. 9th. On Tues 10th & Wnd 11th. The Countryside Café will be providing breakfast for them all. John needs help in getting the food there. Curtis has volunteered for both days. Vick & Ed A. for Tues. 10th. Mike for Wed. 11th Ed Torbert is still deciding which days. for 911 in O.C., we have the application now. Will discuss more in depth at Aug mtging . We have 2 bagpipers & drummers Honnor guards are Mike Fiazzo  or Rick K. & Buster . It has been 20 yrs now that the Md Red Knights #3 have been doing this event. The pins & coins cost us $6.00 ea. to make. Will sell them for $10.00 ea. This is out 10 yr. anniversary for international convention . On Bike week in O.C Sept 15th -19th we need help to set up. Volunteers are so far Rick K. Mike F. Ed Torbert & John.

GOOD OF THE CLUB: Our next meeting is at Camp Barnes Thurs. 12th immediately following dinner at 5:00pm Anyone wanting to ride together for dinner/meeting is to meet at Bishipville fire station at 4:00 pm Kickstands up at 4:30. Due to my resigning as secretary only. Rick Ketterman has agreed to step up & take over duties until our  next election.

Motion to adjourn at 8:00pn by Rick K. & Frank All agreed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicky L. Adkins  – Sec.

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