November 11, 2019 RKMC3 Meeting

Meeting of Red Knights # 3 of Maryland was called to order at 2:30 pm at Mio Fratello’s Restaurant in Fenwick. Had 12 members present & saluting our flag. Previous mins. read w/no corrections. Motioned by Pres. Ed & 2nd by Chuck to accept. All approved. TREASURY: B.O.H. $ 21,958.56 as of this meeting. OLD BUSINESS: None NEW BUSINESS: Our Go Daddy website has been updated now. Don Yon has been working on it w/ misc. items. Still waiting for our password. This yr. when we do our soup sales in Dec. from the Country Side Café’ the donations from it will go to the “ Believe In Tomorrow Foundation” in O.C. .It was motioned by Pres, Ed & 2nd by Lonnie to accept. All agree. Our banquet this year may be held at Mio Fratello’s Restaurant if available on Feb. 22, 2020 due to the Globe Theatre in Berlin closing this mth. We discussed & voted on to send the Maltese Cross flowers to a recent firefighter Lt. Jason Maynard of Mass. We discussed participating in Sept.2020 Wounded Warriors Ride. More on this at later date. All dues are to be paid by Dec.31,2019. SICK CALL: Our Chaplin Gary Trader is still not feeling at his best. GOOD OF THE CLUB: Our nominations for 2019-2020 officers are: President- Ed Kukta Chaplin – Gary Trader V.President- Don Yon Sqt.@ Arms – Lonnie Anthony Treasurer – John Tartufo Snr. Road Capt. – John Tartufo Secretary – Vicky Adkins The next meeting is Dec. 14th at Country Side café’ in Fenwick & we will be doing the Soup Sales. So get your orders ready. Motioned to adjourn at 3:00 by Pres. Ed & Don Yon. Respectfully Submitted, Vicky Adkins – Sec.

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