FEB 21, 2010





Question by Chris in reference to voting protocol and if we could clear it up and put into writing.  After lengthy discussion and input from all members present, motion was made to accept the following as procedure;

Motion 2010-01.. Each chapter will have one vote at state meetings.* All MAL’s residing in the state will have one collective vote at state meetings. The state VP, Secretary, and Treasurer will have one collective vote at state meetings. In the event of a tie the state President will cast a determining vote. * In the absence of the chapter President the chapter VP will have full authority to vote.  If neither is in attendance a representative from the chapter may vote if a letter from the chapter president is available, designating said authority.

Motion 1st by Curtis, 2nd by Granny- passed unanimous vote.

Secretary’s Report (Chris)

Motion 2010-02.. To approve November meeting minutes as sent out to chapters by email.

Motion 1st by Dicky, 2nd by Joe – passed unanimous vote.

Treasures Report (Joe)

$50.00 has been received by chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5 to set up the State Association.  All other participating chapters are to forward a check to Joe Stratton ASAP.  In addition to chapter contributions, Bob was able to locate the original check sent out to set up the State Association dated 19 June 2007.  The check was never deposited.  Bob will forward the original check with a letter to Leo to validate it has never been used and have a new one issued. Bob has spoken to Popeye (International Secretary) who did not think it would be a problem to reissue a check.

Questions were made about the tax filing status and EIN applications. Bob will be working with Joe to complete necessary forms. Form 8718, etc. C-4 or C-7 status will cost extra monies upfront, however will provide for ease of filings in the future with online filing comprising of answering just a few questions.


DATE             EVENT                                           HOST

April 25           Blessing of the Bikes Elks Laurel   MD1

March 20         Texas Hold’em                                MD7>>Red Letter..PLEASE ATTEND

May 1              Worlds largest PR*                         All Chapters

May 12-17       Dixie convention  NO LA               LA1

May 23            Cleaning of mem in Annapolis**   MD1

May 23            State Association Meeting      **    state reps and officers

May 29            Open House in DC                         DC chapter

June 6             MD FF Memorial                            All Chapters

June 26            MD association Picnic in Laurel***MD1

July 31             Dice Run                                         MD4>>Red letter..PLEASE ATTEND

Aug 18-21       International convention                 NY

Sept 18            Wash. Hosp. burn cntr                    MD4

Oct 2               Red Helmet ride                             MD1>>Red letter..PLEASE ATTEND

*May 1st

Worlds Largest Poker Run

MD1 will be working with OLD GLORY HD in Laurel, there will be a band, vendors, Hooters girls bike wash, 100 free tee’s $250.00 payout.  Will be making shirts.

MD3 will be at the OC pavilion with VICIOUS CYCLES; a DJ will be there and over $1000.00 freebie give a ways. Will be making shirts.

MD4 will be hosting their ride in the tri county area. will be purchasing shirts from MD1 as to help cut costs.

MD5 and MD8 will be going in together

MD2, 6, and 7 are encouraged to participate either with their own ride or with another chapter

**May 23rd

MD FF memorial cleaning

            Chapter members are encouraged to attend the cleaning of the memorial in             Annapolis. OLD GLORY HD will be sponsoring this and there will be refreshments served.

MD state meeting

            State Officers and Chapter Reps please be at the State meeting at Miss B’s Family             restaurant.

***June 26th

MD state picnic

            Laurel Lakes, Goode park at noon. BYOBeverages.  An alcohol permit will be       purchased.  We will not be advertising, supplying, encouraging, or discouraging the use of alcohol at the event.  Email Joe at  pipeman602@aol.com with info on ideas for activities, plans to assist them, and with headcounts for your chapter.

 Presidents report (Bob)

Website pages are being created. Should be up sometime late March. 

2011 International Convention 

MD3 is going strong on this but still needs help with certain portions. Some chapters having issues with getting members excited about this event but are still going to participate and assist.  MD2 and MD4 have already volunteered to help and have asked MD3 to delegate responsibilities to them. Anyone from MD going to Buffalo in August are asked to take some time to work a table at 2010 convention to invite attendees to MD next year, hand out flyers and answer questions. 

State License Plates are coming soon. Bob will be sending out a pic of the new design. Please email Bob with a list of members wanting to put the plates on their cars or bikes. You will need to include their full name that is on their registration as well as their existing license plate #.  Curtis Waters (VP MD3) will the Chairperson for the state and coordinate with the MVA to get the plates ordered.  Each chapter should assign a representative to coordinate with Curtis. Cost for the plates will be $25.

new business/good of the state 

(Chris) Please remember Chris’ email is rkmcco6@yahoo.com 

(Chris) If you want state to get membership cards for your members please let Chris know how many you need and I will get them ordered for you. 

(Luke) Perry Carter award nominees are due soon to regional rep. Bob and Luke said they are looking into it. 

(Chris) International by law changes or additions are due soon. It is your right to put in a change if you don’t like something. It will be brought to the membership at international for a vote if you submit something. 

Motion to adjourn 

Motion 2010-3.. Adjourn at 1450 1st Bob, 2nd Granny – unanimous


Chris Gadway, Secretary

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