NOV 15, 2009

RKMC MD state meeting

Held at RIVA FD

Bob (md3) Meeting called to order at 12:10 pm

Pledge of allegiance recited

Chris (md4) read minutes.

***Motion to accept by Tomy 2nd by Jeff. Motion carried 2009-8 

Joe (md1) treasurer- no monies for account, need 501 c-7 status, need bank account, after discussion Bank of America was decided. MD1 treasurer is CPA and will be assisting in the accounts and paperwork. There were no objections. It was decided that the business address for the bank accounts and tax paperwork will be the secretaries’ address. This year that will be 3029 Bowie Ln, Huntingtown, MD 20639. Tomy advised no monies have been sent to MD by international since 2005. The state was granted a charter as a state association but never really formed one. So the monies dictated by the by laws should be available but must be applied for. 

Tomy (md1) 457 bikes were on the red helmet ride this year. 2 bikes collided. Both riders are ok. He wants to extend a thanks to all the chapters and riders who attended. Concerns about the limited time that was allotted at the memorial are going to be addressed for next year’s event.  Sherri Lang (ffsf) was in attendance she had a nice time and was very impressed. She has a write up on her blog on the ffsf website ( Please check it out.  Bob echoes Tomy’s remarks and looks forward to seeing more next year “it was a day well spent”. Tomy, will be addressing the exit strategy out of Costco for safety concerns. 

Bob (md3) State Association function will be on June 26th Saturday at sandy point state park.

May 1-          Worlds largest poker run

May 12/17     DIXIE- New Orleans, la

May  30         Rolling thunder

June 6            MD fallen firefighters event in Annapolis

MD1 will be heading up 2010’s event. It will be called “RKMC MD State Association picnic.” Bob asked for money from each chapter to help fund this event. Chris suggested a 2 or 3 dollar annual due per member as to make it more equitable for smaller chapters. Don suggested extra fee for guests.

***After discussion Jeff makes motion for red knights and immediate family only to be invited. 2nd by Chris. Motion carried 2009-9

***Jeff made motion to have each chapter send treasurer $50 in the month of January for md1 to be able to get moving on planning. 2nd by don. Motion carried 2009-10

Checks to be made out and mailed to

Joe Stratton

754 225th St

Pasadena, MD 21122

Bob will be working on a DJ for the event. Jeff ensures good weather.

Bob touched on the DIXIE event for the spring and turned over to Chris who distributed and read over the proposed itinerary md4 will be working off of. Get a hold of Chris with any questions. Anyone wanting to go needs to contact him by first of January

 Bob wants all to be aware of the rolls and responsibilities of the state officers and of the state association. Guidelines are available from international. He wants to hold off on SOG’s for now, may address in 2010.

International convention 2011 will be a statewide effort.  International BOD gave approval for the dates to be changed to Sept 6-11/2011 this will help reduce the costs overall. All prep for flyers, plans, agendas need to be ready by Aug 2010 at Niagara falls (Syracuse, NY)  bob wants chapters to volunteer to take on responsibilities for following categories, registration, auctions(live and silent), pins and attire, booklet(sell advertising),sponsors, activities. MD 3 is currently working with several hotels for quotes to host convention.  Seacrets, in Ocean City, may be opening the ‘red’ room for us to use. Each Chapter should decide what areas they would like to take responsibility for and send info to Bob.  Bob will compile the info and distribute to all.

The weekend will end with the 10th anniversary of 9-11 on the boardwalk ride. MD3 hosts an annual 9/11 Memorial Service on the Boardwalk in OC.  We will end the convention with this ride and memorial service.  Work has already begun for activities for that service.  Tomy wants Fallen Firefighter Memorial Foundation to help promote and sponsor event possibly for a donation. Also wants to make aware ‘hogs on the beach’ will be on Saturday as well.

Luke opens discussion for a website for state association. Due to cost issues bob was volunteered and accepted to put up a state page on md3’s website.

Bob forwarded internationals concerns over red knights usage of facebook and myspace.

Bob wants people to continue sending him info on rides and functions around the state.

Bob proposed the creation of a “Motion Ledger” to organize and track all motions made/passed by the State Association. This living document would be maintained by the Association Secretary and serve as a quick reference guide for all Association members.  All agreed this would be a good tool to have.  Chris will create one. 

 State association meetings will be quarterly.

February 21 then May 23

Gary inquired about a MD State Association patch.  Bob would like to see some ideas and designs for a state logo/ patch available for discussion at the February meeting.

Luke expressed ideas for a state road captain and quartermaster position as positive assets for the association. We also need to get a MAL for the state board. We need to send international newsletter info about MD state forming and our plans and actions.

 MAC inquired about having difficulty acquiring RKMC membership cards. After discussion, Chris agreed to order a box of new cards for future use by all Maryland Chapters. 

***Mac made motion to adjourn 2:40pm 2nd by Jeff Motion carried  2009-11


MD1    Tomy, Joe, Dickey, Tyron

MD2    Luke

MD3    Bob, Gary

MD4    Chris, Susan, Al, Dennis, Billy, Charlie Ann, Jim, Bonnie

MD5    Don, Al 

MD6    absent

MD7    Jeff, Granny

MD8    Mac

 Action Items:

 1.   Bob (MD3) to email list of Convention Activities/Responsibilities

2.   Bob (MD3) establish State Association Pages on MD3 Website

3.   Bob (MD3) Identify Member At Large to serve on State Association

4.   Joe (MD1) to set up checking account with BOA.

5.   Joe (MD1) to follow up with International about Association Funding ($500.00 seed monies) as outlined in the International Bi-Laws

6.   Jeff (MD7) to set up next meeting location at Kent Island FD

7.   All Chapters to mail $50.00 check to Joe Stratton (MD1) to establish State Association bank account by 30 Jan 2010.

8.   All Chapters forward “Flagship” ride info to Bob (MD3) ( to be added to State Page

9.   Chris (MD4) creation of Motion Ledger

10. Chris (MD4) to get membership cards from international.

 Respectfully submitted

Chris MD4

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