The Maryland State Association is working with the Marylands MVA & the Red Knights International MC to offer Maryland Red Knights an option for organizational license plates for your motorcycle and automobile.  The new tags will include the Red Knights Maltese Cross, the letters RK, and Maryland State Association. 

Below is a list of questions and answers we have had so far. 

If you are interested in the new license plates please contact your Chapter Representative for more details. 

Thank You!

Q & A

Red Knights Tags

Q. Can each chapter customize their tag in any way to help identify a chapter?

A. No, “RK” can only be used once, with no variation (example: RK1, RK2, RK3, RK4, RK5, RK6, RK7, RK8)

Q. Why can’t each chapter have their own tags?

A.  The State Association elected to manage the tag issue for all chapters in Maryland to allow smaller chapters who may not have enough members (less than 25 members) to qualify for the tags.  In addition to the cost savings to chapters who may not have the IRS determination letter issued from the IRS. 

To qualify for organizational plates the MVA requires the following:

1. A Determination Letter (letter 947 or equivalent) from the IRS showing the chapter meets the qualifications to be exempt from taxation, as stated in Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. (Cost to each chapter for this letter is $300.00)

            2. An Organizational Certificate of Membership on your chapter’s letterhead. 

            3. You must have a minimum order of 25 of qualifying members who want tags.

Q. Can your order Red Knights motorcycle and/or car tags?

A. Yes, you can order either or both.

Q. Can you have matching tags for your motorcycle and your car?

A. Yes, it is possible.  Keep in mind it is much easier to do so during the initial tag offering.  Since the tags are issued in sequential order it will become more difficult after initial tag order. Especially since not everyone will want both types of tags. 

Q. What happens if a member with a Red Knight tag decides to leave the organization?

A. If a member is no longer part of the Red Knights organization the MVA will be notified.  When the tags come up for renewal, the member will not be able to renew using the Red Knights tag.  They will need to turn in their tag and renew their registration with other than the Red Knights tag.

Q. What are the costs to get a Red Knight tag?

A. The tags are available at a cost of $35.00 each.  $25.00 will goes to the MVA and $10.00 will go into the State Association fund.  The $25.00 to the MVA is for the tag only.  It does not include your MVA registration requirements.  You will be reissued the stickers with the same date and expiration as your current plates have. 

Q. Can I choose my tag number?

A. No, since the tags are required to be issued in sequential order, you will be assigned the next available tag. 

Q. How do I get a low digit tag?

A. During the initial tag issue, membership tags will be issued by lottery.  Proceeding tags will be assigned based on receipt of your tag request.  The earlier we receive your information the lower the number you receive.  Your request should include your name, current tag number, expiration date of current tags and a good contact number. 

Q. What do I need to do to get started?

A. Contact your chapter representative with your name, your current tag number, expiration date of current tag and a good contact number.   You will also need to provide payment of $35.00 for your tag. 

Q.  How and when can I expect to receive my tag?

A. During the initial order, we will be ordering the tags as a group. We are exploring several options to issue tags. 

Q.  Do the 25 total tags include motorcycle and automobile tags together?

A.  No, the 25 tags must be motorcycle, matching automobile tags are not in the same number requirement. We will need at least 25 automobile tags to order as a separate issue.   

Q. What size are the new tags?

A. The new motorcycle tag size has a 7 inch wide and 4inch height (7” x 4”).

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