Maryland 3 hosts hundreds of riders annually through various rides and events.  Over the years our Road Captains do an OUSTANDING JOB keeping us safe along our local roadways.  Our Road Captains are responsible for:

Establish routes for club rides and events.

Perform safety checks of motorcycles prior to rides and events.

Preview route just prior to rides and events for hazards, road conditions, etc.

Preview weather conditions for rides and disseminate information to riders.

Provide safety briefing before rides and events.

Act as safety officers prior to and during rides and events.

Provide assistance and remain with broken down riders during rides and events.

Maintain radio/phone contact info between Road Captains during rides and events.

Conduct annual safety briefing prior to first event of the year.

Conduct motorcycle safety ride for each new club member.



Senior Road Captains

Jerry Rhue

Vernon Perdue

John “Butterball” Tartufo


Road Captains

Ed Torbert

Jason Taylor


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