Sep 27, 2009

Date: Sunday, September 27, 2009

Place: Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department

            1610 Main Street

            Chester, Maryland


Call to Order:

Bob Thompson (MD3) called meeting to order at 1355 hours and Luke Booze (MD2) volunteered to take notes.


Roll Call:

Luke (MD2) passed around a roster for Roll Call.  Present: Tomy Baker (Maryland State Representative); Joe Stratton (MD1); Luke Booze (MD2); Bob Thompson (MD3); Curtis Waters (MD3); Chris Gadway (MD4); Don Fair (MD5); Jeff Dwyer (MD7); Granny Wilds (MD7); Mac Parrish (MD8)

{Maryland Chapter 6 was absent}


Maryland State Representative, Tomy Baker opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

  • Tomy advised of a possible new Chapter starting-up in Deep Creek Lake. 

  • Tomy advised that the International by-laws states patches can be applied anywhere on the vest (including the back) as long as they are in good taste.  Jeff (MD7), Bob (MD3) and Luke (MD2) voiced concerns with the verbiage and disagreed.

  • Tomy then turned the meeting over to Bob Thompson (MD3).


New Business:

1. Red Helmet Ride:

Bob Thompson (MD3) and Tomy talked about the “Red Helmet Ride” this Saturday, October 3rd and would like to have a large participation.  Tomy said they plan to meet in Millersville at 1330 hours then head to Cosco in Frederick.  He said there will be a video of the ride and that this is the official start of the weekend event.  Tomy stated that this is his eleventh year and there is more information on the web site (  Bob said that his group would be leaving from Berlin at 0900 hours with a stop at Royal Farms on Route 50 west of Salisbury and Royal Farms in Easton at 1030 hours.  Bob will coordinate with Jeff (MD7) this week, on a meeting point to join-up with his group.  Luke (MD2) added that he received e-mail from Matt Nichols (FL10) and Sherri Lang (FFSF) from our Guinness Book Ride.  Sherri Lang stated that she will definitely be at the event in Emmitsburg and would like to meet everyone from Maryland that was involved with the ride and to thank everyone, personally.  Bob asked Luke to contact Sherri to see if she would be interested in doing the ride with us and that we could arrange a meeting point to pick her up.  Possibly at Millersville location or Cosco in Frederick, depending on where she is staying.


2. 2009 International Convention Update:

Chris (MD4) attended the Annual International Convention and presented a detailed report concerning the by-law amendments and a list of the new International Officers.  Chris said the by-law change concerning “Voting” was tabled until the next International meeting.  Controversy concerning the new amendment  § 4:01A Region Association was brought up.  Don (MD5) stated he disagreed with this and he did not feel that someone from another region or province could vote in an Officer.  Everyone voiced their opinion and agreed with Don.


Jeff (MD7) asked Chris (MD4) if a paid firefighter lost his job could he still be a member of the Red Knights?  Chris advised International told him, once a firefighter, always a firefighter.


3. World’s Largest Poker Run:

Bob passed out an email and document from Matt Nichols and a letter from Sherri Lang concerning the 2010 Worlds Largest Poker Run.  Bob advised that everyone should mark their calendars for this event and that Chris (MD4) has challenged other states.  Chris stated that Maryland was the only state that participated with 100% Chapter involvement. 


4. Chapter Rides / Flagship Events:

Bob talked about Flagship Events / Rides for each Chapter and accepted ownership of getting the information out to all of the Chapters.  Bob then opened the floor for discussion:

  • Tomy (MD1) advised of Fallen Firefighter Memorial Ride, which is usually the end of April, or the first of May.  The tentative date and place for 2010 is the first week in June (possibly the 5th) in Clarksville, Maryland.  Tomy said that it would be a short ride of about 5-miles.

  • Joe (MD1) advised that if anyone is interested there will be a work detail to help clean the Memorial and the grounds.  The tentative date is Saturday, October 10th at 1200 hours.

  • Bob (MD3) advised of two rides near and/or during Delmarva Bike Week.  The 9/11 Boardwalk Ride and Mister Whippy Ride.

  • Chris (MD4) advised they are thinking of having a ride in mid 2010 for the Washington Burn Unit.


5. Red Knights License Plates:

Luke (MD2) advised that his Chapter Quartermaster has been working for two months with the Department of Motor Vehicles on getting Maryland Red Knights license plates for motorcycles and personal vehicles.  Bob (MD3) advised his Chapter has also been working on the same thing for a couple of months.  Bob said that he has two very experienced members from his Chapter that are handling this matter.  (He did not give their names)


6. Maryland State Association:

Chris (MD4) presented the Charter for the 2005 Association, which was the original Charter.  Bob (MD3) opened the floor for discussion and polled each Chapter:

Joe (MD1)…For

Luke (MD2)…For

Bob (MD3)…For

Chris (MD4)…For

Don (MD5)…For

Jeff (MD7)…For

Mac (MD8)…For


7. Election of Officers:

Tomy advised that he did not want to hold the office of President.  Discussion was made concerning the State Association President being the State Representative.  Chris (MD4) said they are two different positions in most cases and Tomy agreed.  Don (MD4) made a motion that the State Association President should be the State Representative to reduce another layer of hierarchy.  Motion was then second by Jeff (MD7) and passed unanimously by all in attendance {motion ledger #2009:0001}

  • Joe (MD1) made a motion to nominate Bob (MD3) for the office of President.  Motion was second by Jeff (MD7) and nominee was accepted!  {motion ledger #2009:0002}

  • Don (MD5) made a motion to nominate Chris (MD4) for the office of Vice President.  Motion was second by Joe (MD1) {motion ledger #2009:0003}. 

  • Bob (MD3) made a motion to nominate Jeff (MD7) for the office of Vice President.  Motion was second by Luke (MD2) {motion ledger #2009:0004}

  • Closed ballots were cast and collected for the office of Vice President, the results were:          Jeff Dwyer (MD7)…4 votes

Chris Gadway (MD4)…3 votes

  • Luke (MD2) made a motion to nominate Chris (MD4) for the office of Secretary.  Motion was second by Jeff (MD7) and the nominee was accepted {motion ledger #2009:0005} Chris (MD4) then requested a “Confidence Vote” and it was unanimous with all Chapters.

  • Jeff (MD7) made a motion to nominate Joe (MD1) for the office of Treasurer.  Motion was second by Luke (MD2) and the nominee was accepted {motion ledger #2009:0006}


8. Appointment of Representatives:

  • Maryland Chapter 1…Tomy Baker

  • Maryland Chapter 2…Luke Booze

  • Maryland Chapter 3…< open >

  • Maryland Chapter 4…Dennis Smith

  • Maryland Chapter 5…Don Fair

  • Maryland Chapter 6…< open >

  • Maryland Chapter 7…Granny Wilds

  • Maryland Chapter 8…Mac Parrish


Good of the Order:

  • Chris (MD4) advised that as the Secretary he would be the central communication point for all of the rides, events and functions.  Once everyone notifies him he will make sure the information gets out to all of the Chapters.

  • Bob (MD3) showed everyone the new Grand Tour Patch and rockers for each of the individual rides.  Chris (MD4) said that 2010 would be the last year for the Grand Tour pins.

  • Luke (MD2) advised that the new 2010 Guinness Book of World Records came out to the stores last month.  There is nothing in the book about our World’s Largest Poker Run.

  • The next Maryland State Association meeting will be Sunday, November 15th at 1300 hours.  Jeff (MD7) will attempt to secure the same location, which will be at the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department, tentatively.



Jeff (MD7) made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was second by Chris (MD4).

{motion ledger #2009:0007}


Thank you Luke for taking these notes

Respectfully submitted

Chris Gadway

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