Dixie Rally May 16th – 18th 2014

Hello   Red Knight Brothers and Sisters,As you may or may not know, RKIFMC Region 4 stretches from Delaware south to   Florida, and west to Louisiana and for the past 9 years a chapter from one of   these states has volunteered to host what is nick named the “Dixie Rally”. In   2004, some friends from several Region 4 chapters met in Alabama for a good   time and came up with an idea to get all Red Knight Chapters throughout the   Region to come together for fun and fellowship by hosting annual rallies.   These rallies are not only for fun and fellowship; they are used to help the   host chapter to raise money for their selected charities.Through their dedication for fellowship in August 2004, they created the   first Chartered Regional Association within RKIFMC, “Southern Regional   Association #1” a Confederation of Southern Chapters.As always, all RKIFMC members from around the world are invited and   encouraged to attend.

The next “Dixie Rally” will be our 10th Annual Event and is being hosted by   Virginia 6 at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center located   on the beach of the Chesapeake Bay, situated 3 ½ miles east of the Chesapeake   Bay Bridge Tunnel and 6 miles west of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

The negotiated price for the hotel is $139 per night. They also have 16   Suites available which will sleep 8-10 people. All rooms have balconies with   views of the Chesapeake Bay. Cut-off time for negotiated hotel rate is four   weeks prior to the event, so please register early. They have a 72 hour   cancellation policy, 1 night plus taxes charged if not cancelled 3 days prior   by 6pm and Credit Card Guarantee Required at Time of Booking.

For your convenience, the host hotel is located next to the First Landing   State Park if you prefer to bring a camper, tent or rent one of their 20   cabins.

Dixie Registration will be $40 up to April 13th and $50 after April 13th.   Your Dixie Registration will include a 10th Annual Dixie Rally t-shirt, a   10th Annual patch, Chicken Buffet Dinner provided by the host hotel and   Hospitality room with beverages and snacks. Dixie Registration will begin at   12:00 noon on Friday.

Net proceeds from this rally will go to Virginia 6 selected charity; Edmarc   Hospice for Children.

The mission of Edmarc Hospice for Children is to ease the trauma of a child’s   illness or death and to reduce the disabling effects of pediatric illness,   loss and bereavement on families in the Hampton Roads Area.

Bring your Chapter Banners, the hotel staff will hang at no charge.

Thanks to our past Dixie Rally hosts: 2005 LA1, 2006 TX1, 2007 MD4, 2008 SC1,   2009 NC6, 2010 LA1, 2011 FL10, 2012 MD4, 2013 AL2 & AL10 and the   continued support and assistance from RKIFMC.

Howard Callis

Dixie President


“In God We Trust”



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