April 30, 2011

Maryland Chapter 3

Saturday April 30, 2011

13219 Bank Street

Bishopville, MD


The meeting was called to order at 4:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed. There were 14 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report – Read and accepted   

Treasurers Report – Read and accepted


RED KNIGHTS TAGS –Curtis Waters reported that the first few tags have arrived at the Motor Vehicle Association (MVA ) for registration processing.  Curtis advised not to let registrations expire, because new tags will have the same month/ year as old tags and expired registrations will cause a delay. Curtis said that All tags should be out in (2) weeks and will be sent directly to each member’s house.


AIR SHOW – Bob has had been communicating Frank Miller. The event will be Sat. June 11th and Sunday June 12th. Volunteers will be needed from 9am – 10pm on Saturday and 9am – 5pm on Sunday.  Dean asked about last year’s vending responsibilities and Bob explained that last year we used Carry Distributers trailer and is was beer sales only, but this year we would have beer, water and soda sales. John Tartufo requested a copy of the layout, that he would need to obtain the liquor license and requested that it not be last minute


1. Convention Update: Bob Thompson gave an update on the conventions registration, transportation, agenda,  along with areas still needing attention, such as helmet painting, escorted rides, shirts, pins and etc.

2. Escorted Rides: A discussion was held regarding the (3) proposed rides (Washington DC area, Assateague Island and Mr. Whippy). John Tartufo requested to discard the DC ride and a discussion followed and it was agreed on to discard the DC ride. Monica Tartufo suggested to do a local historical sites ride to showcase areas such as (Berlin, Iron Furnace, Pocomoke and etc.), a discussion followed and Vernon Purdue agreed to assist Monica to plan a route and information on the historical sights on the ride. Ed Torbert and Barry Gusst suggested rides to the Country House in Salisbury and Assateague Island. A short discussion followed and it was agreed to make both rides available, but as self-guided rides with maps. Dean suggested having a Grand Tour Ride, a lengthy discussion followed and it was agreed to call it a Fire House Tour ride and treat it as such, due to all of the requirements associated with making the ride a “Grand Tour Ride”. Barry Gusst agreed to assist Dean with the planning of the ride.

3. Registration: Bob Thompson gave an update on registration location (Quality Inn 17th Street), accommodations being provided, pre-registration numbers and etc. Bob said that he would certainly assist, but he needed a member to take lead on the managing the registration area, hospitality suite manning and etc.

4. Convention Coin: John Tarfufo gave an update on the convention coin to include the price break on an increased number of coin to purchased.

5. Shirts: A discussion was held regarding shirts for members working the convention (staff). It was agreed to purchase Red Polo shirts for the Staff, so they could be easily identified by convention attendees needing assistance. A discussion was held regarding a convention T-shirt to be sold. Dean Simpson recommended contacting Dawn McGee to see if she would be willing to design and donate the shirts. An additional discussion was held regarding the convention shirt type and the use of the image used to create the convention coin. It was agreed to have a pocketed T-shirt with the use of the image used on the coin. Dean agreed to contact Dawn McGee for shirt donation and use of design company, John Tartufo is seeking a cost effective alternative if shirt donation isn’t given.



  1. MD. STATE PICNIC – The RKMD State Association picnic will be held on June 25th in Sudlersville, Md. There will be a ride at 10:30 to winery (for those interested), followed by the picnic, with food being served at 12:30. The cost will be $10 per person.
  2. Delaware Burn Camp – Mr. John Lattomus took some time to thank MD3 for last year’s support, highlighted other organizations that have supported the camp, inform the club of this year’s dates (Aug. 15-19), the camps goal to sponsor 18 kids and give a lengthy brief of the activities scheduled for the kids this year. John Tartufo asked and it was confirmed that the club voted to sponsor (2) kids each year at a cost of $350 per child.
  3. Next Meetings:
    1. Thursday May 27th – Delmar Diner at 6:30pm
    2. Sunday June 19th – Dean & Charlene Simpson’s house at 2pm
    3. July – TBD


Good of the Club

  Website: An intense discussion about the website, both past and present and the updating of information. An additional discussion followed regarding outsourcing costs for setup and managing the site. It was agreed to research outsourcing cost.


The time and date of the next meeting will be sent by email or phone call. There may be a fun ride before or after the meeting. 


Motion  was made and seconded adjourn at 6:14.

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