February 24, 2011

Maryland Chapter 3

Thurs. February 24th, 2011

Pittsville Dinette

The meeting was called to order at 6:30. The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed. There were 13 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report – Read and approved   

Treasurers Report – Read by Bob Thompson and approved


RED KNIGHTS TAGS –All DMV tag forms have been given out. There are three outstanding application forms from chapter 8 waiting to be received, before being sent to DMV.


MEMBER UPDATE – Barry Gusst has had a double bypass and 4 stints put in. He is doing as well as can be expected. Our prayers for a quick and full recovery go out for Barry.

AIR SHOW – Bob Thompson attended a promoters meeting for the event. RKMD3 will be selling all drinks including water and sodas this year.


1. John Tartufo has set up Quick Books to track expenses for the event.

2. Bob Thompson is working on a Pay Pal account for convention registration.

3. The International had concerns about transportation for the Saturday night dinner and a Sunday breakfast. Bob Thompson will be resolving these issues.

4. Buster will be setting up a crab feast at the American Legion for Friday afternoon.  

5. John has received approximately 500 pins for the convention.

6. Last month John Tartufo mentioned about buying challenge coins for the event. It was suggested for John to order 300 to 500 coins, depending on the expense.

 7. It was suggested to get possible free air time before or during the convention on Secrets radio.

8. Jerry Rue had the idea to sell tickets for a boat called the Rocket during the convention.

9. Bob talked about having 3 fire helmets painted with special convention related themes for use as raffle items last month. Several artists/painters were mentioned including a man who lives near Camp Barnes, an inmate at ECI, and a painter near Meadows Hydraulics

10. Buster said he has a ride already planned for a Poker Run, which could be used at any time.

11. Buster will check about a possible helicopter fly by over the beach on 9/11.

BENEFIT POSSIBILITY – It was brought up by Robert Shipe about a horse farm who is struggling to continue to care for their horses due to the expense. This horse farm takes in horses that have been used in racing or have been abused and furnishes horses to places like Hoofprints, which works with disabled children and who RKMD3 has donated to in the past. It was mentioned about doing some kind of benefit for the Horse Association to help with these horses care.

WEEKEND MEETINGS – Jerry Rue suggested to have weekend meetings to increase attendance. Curtis Waters made a motion to make one RKMD3 meeting per quarter on a weekend. This motion was seconded by Jerry Rue. All members in attendance except one were in agreement.

AWARDS BANQUET – Jerry Rue mentioned that RKMD3 has not had the yearly awards banquet or presented the yearly awards. This will be discussed next month.  


The next RKMD3 meeting will be held Thursday, March 31st at 6:30 at Delmar Diner. 

Motion to adjourn made by Gary Trader and seconded by Jerry Rue at 7:51.

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