8 Meeting Minutes November 10, 2012

Maryland Chapter 3

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Sage Diner, Virginia

The meeting was called to order at 12:35. The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed. There were 11 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report – Read and approved

Treasurers Report – Read and approved


Donations– There have been several RKMD3 members who have made donations to help the town of Crisfield after the destruction of hurricane Sandy. Once again the membership has shown how much they care for others.

Soup Sale – Once again John Tartufo and his crew  at Countyside Café will be making and selling soup to raise funds for use by RKMD3. This year any funds raised will be donated to the town of Crisfield. The soup sale begins 12/9 and theRKMD3 members job is to push the soup to anyone you know. Ed Kukta made a motion for the club to buy any supplies needed to make the soup. The motion was approved by all members in attendance.

RKMD3 Banquet– The banquet will be held on Feb. 9th 2013 at Pittsville V.F.D. Happy hour will start at 5 and dinner will be served from 6 till 9.

Officer Nominations – President  — Ed Kukta

Vice President — Dean Simpson

Treasurer — John Tartufo

Secretary — Ed Torbert

Note: Gary Trader was nominated for the Secretaries position but turned it down due to continuing health concerns.


The next RKMD3 meeting will be announced

Motion to adjourn made by Don Yon and approved by the membership at 1:41

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