7 Meeting Minutes October 7, 2012

Maryland Chapter 3

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:00. The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed.

Treasurers Report – Read and approved, $1,000 donated for the elevator improvements after the Mr. Whippy Ride.  Pins for Mr. Whippy ride cost $561 with one half paid by Mr. Whippy. Pins for 9/11 Ride cost $681.


Burn Camp– Motion made by Jerry Rhue and seconded by Don Yon and approved by all in attendance, to pay for and have air conditioners put in the cabins. Wayne Bennett will be do the work as soon as possible.

Membership– Application approved for Len Hoban.  Motion to accept by Jerry Rhue and seconded by Pam Foltz and approved by all members in attendance.

Grand Tour Ride – Don Yon will be organizing the event which may be held on Nov. 10.

Banquet– We need to start thinking about the RKMD3 Banquet. Pittsville might be a good spot based on last year’s excellent result.

 Delmar V.F.W. – It has been determined, RKMD3 will have one of our monthly meetings at the Delmar V.F.W. in honor of Luther Hitchens.

Bike Fest – Dean Simpson had a meeting with Cliff, organizer from Bike Fest, after Bike Week ended. RKMD3 will have a booth to sell beer at next year’s event. Cliff would like us to do some kind of Bike Fest kick- off event on the boardwalk, after the 9/11 ride which will be on a Wednesday. Dean has also been in contact with the Moose Lodge about the RKMD3 meeting there after the 9/11 ride.

Mr. Whippy Ride– Discussed possibility of new meeting spot to increase attendance at the Mr. Whippy Ride.  Possible the old Harley building or Home Depot.

The next RKMD3 meeting will be announced

Motion to adjourn made by John Tortufo and seconded by Pam Foltz at 7:54

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