4 Meeting Minutes May 28, 2012

Maryland Chapter 3

Mon. May 28th, 2012

Ocean Pines F. D.

The meeting was called to order at12:40. The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed. There were 17 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report – Read and approved

Treasurers Report – Read and approved


Website – The computer website is in the process of being updated with pictures and videos.


Ocean City Air Show – Coolers and ice will be provided. June 9th will be from 10 to 4 with 9 volunteers. Sunday June 10th will be from 11:30 to 4 with 7 volunteers. All sales will be $1 to the promoter and the remainder to the club.

Membership – Motion to accept Don and Sharen Yon as returning members was accepted by all members in attendance. Motion to accept 4 new members was accepted by all members in attendance.

 Fun Rides – We need suggestions for event rides for other groups.

State Association – Aug. 4th will be the state picnic in the Laurel, MD area. There will possibly be a Md Red Knight of the year. The state has eliminated the State Road Captain’s position.

 Parade – Event will be held on June 20th at 12:00. Look on web site for details.


MD 4 –They may want a Eastern Shore Ride so we have to be prepared to take them.

The next RKMD3 meeting will be June 20th after the parade at Hooter’s 122nd street, bay side

Motion to adjourn made by Dean Simpson and seconded by Wayne Bennett at 1:30


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