JULY 26, 2009

The July meeting was called to order at 3:39 pm on July, 26 at Station 7 Restaurant in Pittsville with secretary /treasurer Tartufo leading the pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence. There were 17 members in attendance.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

President Thompson thanked Ed Torbert for doing a great job on the Grand Tour Ride. Literature about the club was handed out at each stop. The President made mention that patches are available for the Grand Tour Ride instead of pins. 

Motion by Kukta seconded by Trader to do this .Passed.

President Thompson made mention that some insurance companies give a discount for belonging to an International club. Everyone should check on this.

Curtis waters brought a memorial patch for the members to view. He also brought an ascot. Rope and gloves to show what the honor guard will be wearing. There was a short discussion as to how they would be purchased.  

A motion by Taylor and seconded by Torbert that the club purchase the ropes and each member would purchase their own ascot and gloves. Passed.

We still haven’t seen much in the way of producing a logo.

The club has been offered 2 different sites to have fundraising during Bike week, Oasis Bar and Grill and Station 7 Firehouse in Pittsville. After a short discussion it was decided that it would be better to have our location at a firehouse.

Tag committee: H2o will head take care of club tags. A letter denoting us a not-for profit social club will be submitted to the I.R.S>.so that we may obtain them.

Honor guard: H2o will also head this up. Jason Taylor, Don Determined Kukta, John Tartufo, Tom Dinterman, And Ed Torbert have requested to be honor guards. 

The Vintage to Modern motorcycle show will be held at the same place in the park as last year.Pishtey gave an update on this event. Please distribute flyers. Help will be needed for this event.

Thompson and Tartufo will be attending the mayor and city council meeting in Ocean City to ask permission for this years 9/11 Memorial Ride. 

Tartufo requested that the monies raised from the motorcycle show and the (/11 ride go to the Burn–Out fund and be donated to the Sichoa family that was burnt out of their home in Ocean Pines in June. Motion by Shipes, seconded by Torbert to do so. Passed. 

The departure time for the Red Helmet Ride in October will be at 10:00 am leaving from this area. Place to be determined. 

Due to the threat of a severe thunderstorm the meeting was terminated at 4:15. 

” Tartufo
Sec/Treas R.K.I.MC.MD. 3

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