August 2009 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at The Delmar Diner at 18:30 hours with 16 members in attendance. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for our fallen brothers and Sisters.

 Special guests welcomed none.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

An update of the Vintage Motorcycle show was read .After expenses a total of $50.00 were made.

Old Business: Spanky’s Dad has passed away. He was and avid Harley rider. In addition his mom has broken her ankle in three places and is being hospitalized.

A letter from the International was read regarding the Grand tour Ride. President Thompson will distribute patches after the meeting.

There was a discussion about the 2022 convention. Planning is underway as we are the host chapter. Other chapters have been asked if the would like to participate in helping and running the convention.

New Business: Membership Committee. No new members.

President Thompson brought up the fact that a new Maryland State Association is being formed and enlightened the club about this.

The President also presented coins that he would like to see the club develop and showed of his brand new Red Knights hat.

A motion by Tartufo seconded by Kukta to proceed with developing the coin. Approved.

There was a question about what’s going on with the Dixie Confederation. Bob explained that there were some problems and that the International is trying to rectify them.

Upcoming Events: Everything is in place for the 9/11 Ride. Please pick up flyers and copy and distribute them. We have received approval from the Mayor and city Council of Ocean City. The ride needs to be promoted. Someone should be working on this. The State Police and the Worcester County Sherriff’s Dept are on board with escorting the ride.

Chief DePino and Chief Larrimore have been contacted to speak at the event. Our newly formed honor guard will present a wreath at the ceremony.

Mr. Whippy Ride: Saturday Sept.19th. Lou Taylor, Principal at Stephen Decatur High School is on board to let us use the parking lot at the high school, this should alleviate traffic problems on the street. Trooper Sharp from M.S.P. is on board and is in favor of the change to Saturday and using the parking lot. He is also arranging an escort.

President Thompson asked the membership about the clubs relationship with the Harley Shop. Everyone agreed that there is a valued relationship between us and them. President Thompson stated that they (h.d.of o.c) want us to move the Mr. Whippy Ride to Winter Place Park. Everyone agreed that since after the first year that we have held events at Winter Place we have not had success there. The club agreed that the Mr. Whippy Ride is our event and no one can dictate to us where we will have club sponsored events, especially when Law enforcement and others are in favor. The club decided to have the ride as it has always bees with the exception of moving it to Stephen Decatur.

Grand Tour Ride: October 18, 2009: President Thompson outlined what the Grand Tour Ride is all about.

World’s Largest Poker Run: Plans are already in the making for next years Ride. See the flyer for details. There is a challenge from Maryland to all other states to have more chapters participating.                           

Reminder about the Red Helmet Ride on October 6, 2009.

A request from Stephanie Yingling has been made to have a fundraiser for a little boy named Mason who needs a bowel transplant. A decision on this was tabled until the next meeting due to all the activities that are forthcoming.

Motion by Tartufo, seconded by Torbert to adjourn at 8:40

John “BUTTERBALL” Tartufo
Sec/Treas R.K.I.MC.MD. 3

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