JANUARY 21, 2010


The meeting was called to order at The Del-Mar Diner 1800 hrs with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence with 21 members in attendance.

 Elections took place with the following results.President, Bob Thompson, Vice-President, Curtis Waters, Secretary, Gary Trader, Treasurer, and John Tartufo.

President Thompson gave a synopsis of an executive meeting that was had to hash over the SOGS. Eddie Kukta voiced his concerns about the meeting and President Thompson explained his reason and rights for doing so. The proposed changes were made and they will be voted on at the next meeting.

Convention updates were given, with a suggestion that we form teams or groups to organize this…

Honor Guard update. There was a short discussion about honor guard training, a motion was made and seconded to leave it up to Bob and Curtis (h20).

Banquet. There was a discussion about postponing or cancelling the banquet due to the fact that no one wants to cater it unless we have at least 100 attending. After some discussion it was decided to have a family picnic and bar-b-que in the spring.

Updates were given for the World’s Largest Poker Run. This will replace our Spring Opener Poker Run. Tartufo brought up the possibility of starting and leaving from Francis Scott Key Motel. Everyone thought it a good idea, tartufo will contact them.

Upcoming events. Joe Morris Ceremony Feb.1st.  The American Legions St. Patty’s day parade on March 13th in Ocean City.

Membership Committee.Les Chance and Lonnie Anthony, past members have resubmitted applications. Motion by Tartufo, second by Kukta to reinstate them, unanimous

 After 6 years of taking minutes this will be my last entry.


In Brotherhood
John “BUTTERBALL” Tartufo
Sec/Treas R.K.I.F.MC.MD 3

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