JULY 2010

Maryland Chapter 3
Thurs. July 29th, 2010
Pittsville Dinnette
The meeting was called to order at 6:32. The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed. There were 17 members in attendance.
Secretary’s Report – Read and approved

Treasurers Report – Read and approved
Special Presentation – John Lattomus representing the Delaware Burn Camp, which is for children who have burn injuries, gave a presentation about what they do for these children.
A motion was made by Bob Adkins and seconded Ed Kukta to fund two children from the Bishopville area to attend the camp. John Tortufo suggested the $350 for each child come from the Burnout Fund. All members in attendance approved the motion.
WEB SITE – The new web site is up and running at
RED KNIGHTS TAGS – Curtis Waters talked about the actions taken by the DMV concerning the tags. He is hoping the tags will be completed by the end of August.
2010 CONVENTION – Please go on line to get a room before the convention if you plan to attend. Bob Tompson talked about the agenda for the 2010 convention.
2011 CONVENTION – Different room prices will be available through the Harrison Group who is making up a brochure for us.
STATE ASSOCIATION PICNIC – About 70 to 80 members were in attendance and a great time was had by all.
WORCESTER COUNTY FAIR – Curtis Waters will be taking care of this event which will be held on August 14th. Details will be emailed to the RKMD3 members.
ironandsteelride.com for information.
BIKE WEEK – Showell Fire Dept. will be the meeting location for the MR. Whippy Ride this year on Sat. September 18th which will leave at 1:00. Ed Torbert suggested the Harley shop promote this event.
9/11 MEMORIAL RIDE will be on a Sat. this year which may increase the attendance.
Red Helmet Ride will be Oct. 3rd.
Suttersville Chapter 7 has a breakfast at the fire dept. on the first Sunday of the month.

PHONE CALLING TREE – The membership was called before the meeting this month. The attendance increased at the meeting from 7 last month and 8 the month before to 15 this month.
IRON & STEEL RIDE – John Tortufo talked about the ride which goes from NY to Arlington, taking steel from the twin towers to a memorial being built. Mike’s Bikes will be the meeting point for RKMD# members who would like to be in the ride. A waver must be signed before joining the ride, which can only be done at various stopping point along the ride. August 28th is the date of the event. Go to

Next RKMD3 meeting will be held Thursday, August 26th at 6:30 at Dave Whites Pittsville Dinnette
Motion to adjourn made by Bob Adkins and seconded by Ed Kukta at 6:30

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Trader – Secretary MD3

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