JUNE 2010

Maryland Chapter 3

Thurs. June 24th, 2010

Delmar Diner

The meeting was called to order at Delmar Diner at 6:02. The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed. There were 8 members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report – Read and approved

Treasurers Report – Read and approved


TAX EXEMPT – Discussion held about becoming tax exempt and the benefits for future use such as other organizations will only donate money to tax exempt organizations due to their own record keeping procedures such as the Red Men’s Association or obtaining slot machines. It was determined the $300 was well spent to become tax exempt.

Memorial Day Ride – This event had a good turnout not only at the Ocean Pines Memorial but also there were three members who attended the Salisbury Memorial event at the civic center.


 Ocean City Air Show – The Red Knights have been asked if they would like to not only do the alcohol next year but also take over the food service. Ed Torbert suggested that we not take on this responsibility due the lack of member support in just taking care of the alcohol sales. This issue will be discussed at a later date.

RED KNIGHTS TAGS – There is a proof being sent to Curtis Waters to approve the logo before the tags are produced. Thirty eight tags have been ordered.

WEB SITE – The web site is still being updated as RKMD3.com instead of RKMD3.org. Small glitches are being worked out.

STATE ASSOCIATION – Picnic will be held on June 26th from 12 till 5. Anyone attending will leave the Food Lion parking lot just outside Ocean Pines at 10:40. Additional stops will be at Royal Farms on route 50 just west of Salisbury and a possible stop at Easton.


2011 CONVENTION – Discussed using the Harrison Group which has three hotels within a one block radius. They have meeting rooms and banquet facilities for 200 people. If a larger facility is needed, the convention center could be used. Motion to use the Harrison Group was made by Gary Trader and seconded by Ed Torbert. All in attendance agreed with the motion.


Arlington National Cemetery – July 17th ride will leave Easton at 7:30. Notify Luke Booze at 410-253-7130 or go to redknightsmd2.org

Motorcycle Rodeo – July 31th, 12 till 6 at Solomons VFD, 13150 H.G. Truman Rd., Solomons, Md. Contact 301-737-2755 for information. Sponsored by Red Knights Md 4.


Next RKMD3 meeting will be held Thursday, July 29th at 6:30 at Dave Whites Pittsville Dinnette

Motion to adjourn made by Ed Torbert and seconded by Luther Hitchens at 7:35.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Trader – Secretary MD3

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