FEBRUARY 27, 2010



The meeting was called to order at Station 7 Restaurant at 5:22 with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence with 22 members in attendance.

The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

All 2010 elected officers were sworn in by Parliamentarian, Vernon Perdue.

Old Business: Curtis Waters will be ordering RK tags for all state members. Cost is additional $25 for motorcycle tags. Car tags will also be available. Twenty five tags must be ordered state wide to make them available. Contact Curtis for information.

SOG’s: All 11 articles passed with indicated membership classification changes.

New Business: Bob Thompson showed a Power Point year in review presentation which was enjoyed by all.

Upcoming events: John Tartufo is checking with DMV to arrange a training program for Road Captains and possibly others to deal with traveling in large bike groups.

American Legion St. Patrick’s Day Parade March 13th: Chuck Pemberton and John Tartufo talked about this event which will be held in Ocean City. All riders have been invited to meet at the American Legion at 10:00 for breakfast. The assembly point for the parade will be at Halls Restaurant at 59th street at 11:15. Please wear black jeans/slacks, rider vest and a black helmet.

 Worlds Largest Poker Run May 1st: Members must start requesting door prizes ASAP. MD3 will serve breakfast and lunch at the pavilion behind Francis Scott Key. Dean Simpson suggested putting door prize tickets on the items to ensure the riders return to the pavilion after the ride.

State RK Association Function June 26th : There will be a meet, greet and eat for all MD Red Knights in Laurel, Md. Details will be sent soon.

National RK Convention Aug. 18th through 21st:   Event will be held in the Niagara/Buffalo area. MD3 needs members to attend to pass out fliers for the 2011 event in Ocean City.

Membership Committee: Thomas Beachamp and Jill Hite applied for active membership. Ed Kukta made motion to accept, seconded by Bob Adkins and unanimously approved by the membership.

Awards: Jason Taylor received the 2009 Joe Morris Award presented by Bob Thompson. Curtis Waters received the 2009 Herman Rhue Memorial Award presented by Jerry Rhue.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Jason Taylor, seconded by Chuck Pemberton at 7:04


Gary Trader, Secretary MD3

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